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Affordable variable data personalization for your Marketing Postcards, Envelopes, Brochures, and Flyers and Self-Mailers.

Postal requirements for Letter size products are a minimum height of 3-1/2" and a maximum height of 6-1/8", they must also meet the minimum length of 5" and the maximum length of 11-1/2", besides the height and length all letters must have a minimum thickness of at .007" and a thickness of not more than 1/4", another very important aspect of letters is the Design shape. The product should NOT be rectangular like a 5"x5" or a 6"x6" unless you are prepare to pay a surcharge due to the rectangular shape of the product, this category is called Non-Machinable witch basically means that you product will have to be process manually, as long as your product is not rectangular in shape your product should qualify for all the Automation discounts and you should be able to mail it either Standard (Bulk Mail) or FCM (First Class Mail)

 For a more detailed explanation of this you can visit The Post Office Website

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