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Booklets: The size and orientation of a booklet plays a big role in how the Post office charges their delivery fees a wrong design or wrong size booklet can have a big impact in your wallet and a properly designed booklet can be a great way to Promote any business products since real state in booklets is not an issue, you can place as much information as you need and back it up with images. Guess that’s the reason for that old saying that goes (an image it’s worth a thousand words) right? May be not, but it applies quite well with booklets. 


If you are not familiar with postal regulations it is imperative that you give us call to avoid any mishaps that can hurt your wallet or if you need to have your booklet mail to your customers we might be able to help with that too. We pride ourselves in being a full service quality based printing company that it's always looking for ways to save time and money to our loyal customers and by offering top quality and wholesale pricing we hope that your booklets accomplish what you intend them for. A top quality booklet can help you get more customers reconnect with old ones and show your upgraded products as well as new ones that otherwise potential customers wouldn’t even knew that you have, booklet can do the job.

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